Sunday, August 28, 2011

To my great surprise…

Sunday, 28th of August. To my and all the others great surprise I'm still with Mark and Patti and will stay with them in Tramore until Monday, so I am able to paint a seahorse on their bathroom door, which is an honour and a pleasure to me, and also to see the doctor once again to let him clean my ear.
Since some days I had and have problems with my right ear. It was somehow odd since I started cycling, I forgot to protect my ear from wind during the first days, then one evening I wasn't so sure if the cotton wool I usually use for protection was all removed. Since then I used a little part of tissue for ear protection. After having a shower in Oxford at my couchsurfing host's place (all hail, Alison!) my right ear felt completely sucked with water which caused much pressure and an awkward listening experience. And it didn't clear out (I had this full of water feeling the days before, too, but not in this intensity and just for some minutes). In Mitcheldean my ear stated to hurt and went on doing this for the next few days, sometimes heavy and very painful, sometimes just somewhat or occasionally not a bit. But constantly there was this ear pressure so I started to worry about that and in Llangadog after talking with Jane I decided to see a doctor as far as I would be in Ireland. The nice young (and attractive) doctor we visited in Tramore on Friday declared, that my ear was full of wax, which has to be removed but first has to become softer. Now I cure my ear before falling asleep by inserting 1 ml of olive oil with an injection.

Yesterday Patti asked me if I could paint a seahorse onto the toilet door. She had some colours at home, because she and Mark are planing to paint the walls. They are living in this house just for several month and wanted to take the time to let things simmer. So there is still much work to do with the house, although it doesn't look like that. It just appears like a cosy home.



  1. hi sanne, also from me congratulations reaching ireland cycling. the seahorse looks great. hope your hear get well soon.

  2. Thanks. :-)
    Actually I didn't know you are Thor Klausendal, but yes, it's obvious..