Friday, August 12, 2011

Addition to Brugges / Belgian and Facebook

Wednesday, 10th of August. At 8:30 P.M. all tourists were gone, the leftover people looked much more like locals, just pleasant night life. The paths along the canals were just that silent and lost like the were suggestive in the movie In Bruges – one of the reasons why I had to come to this town. By the way – as it was written in the best tourist information map I've ever read: "1892. The popular book Bruges la Morte describes the city as a dark, poor and ugly place. Locals are not happy with this, but tourists see some romance in it, and start visiting Bruges more and more. […] 2009. The movie In Bruges wins an award for best scenario. Quote: 'If I grew up on a farm, and was retarded, Bruges might impress me. But I didn't, so it doesn't.' So just like in 1892, somebody calls Bruges a shithole, which attracts only more tourists."

At my second night in Brugge where I had this peaceful night along the canals I also found places, where they played live music. Country, rock and electric music within this medieval masonry… Brugge has also many horse-drawn carriages for sightseeing tours like Vienna, too, but as Brugge has a totally different character as Vienna, the horse-drawn carriages also have. And Brugge is an expensive place to eat. And they serve their white beer in the wrong glasses, but with peanuts. In the breakfast room of my youth hostel hey have cups with smurfs printed.

Facebook is extremely popular in Belgium. wherever I am I sound this word out of the chatter of the generally young people. Bart is also a big Facebook fan, because it's so easy to stay in contact with all your friends and for organizing stuff. (Even when we were in a bar where Bart asked for having the next couchsurfing meeting there, they arranged to do the details via Facebook, as the bar had also a Facebook page.) Bart has also a Google+ account (but didn't really grappled with it right now). But he don't like it, he thinks it's much to complicated – why the hell all these circles ?!

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