Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sightseeing in Tramore and than beeming up to Youghal

Monday, 29th of August. Instead of going straight on my bike after the doctor thing was done, I stayed for some food, some talk, some Internet, and then we (the four of us) had a sightseeing trip. Mark showed us around with the car and we stopped at some nice places to go and look around. And it was quite worth it. I especially like the Metal Man, a large cast-metal figure pointing seawards, set on top of one of three pillars, which was erected in 1823 to warn seafarers away from dangerous shallow waters. But I call him Elvis, and he has such a cute ass… By visiting this place I also did one of the points of interest which are shown on my map….

It was a good thing to see something more than the house with its great outlook and the streets we used when going to the doctor, the supermarket and the pub. I'm generally not so much into walking around and doing touristy stuff, beside my host would like to show me around. To me staying is much more about relaxing, spending time with myself, being with my hosts, especially when they turn to become friends. Just staying is part of this journey inwards – why try to get further impressions and experiences, when you also need time to digest what you have experienced and thought and felt while cycling?

When I finally thought about actual leaving, I suddenly realized how late it was (half past 5), so there was no way to arrive at my next couchsurfing host's place in Youghal (70 kilometres away) within admissible time. So Mark gave me a lift with his car up to Dungarvan, where we passed the Eden Garden Center (!!!). The remaining 30 kilometres I cycled within 1.5 hours (the first five kilometres uphill and the rest downhill by trend). Arriving in Youghal around 8:30 P.M. I had some problems to find Lobsang's place as he didn't live at the number he had given to me (or I thought he had given to me). But a very nice man lived there with whom I had a nice chat about Germany and travelling, and he had an idea about which place probably could be meant and he even guided me. It was still not easy to contact Lobsang, as there was no reaction when I rang the door bell and his telephone was also dead. But shouting his name finally helped.

Lobsang was very nice, he made some egg based sushi for me, strove to give me the best time while offering food, Internet and everything one could probably need to feel very comfortable, although he had a bad hangover. Therefore he excused himself to lay down in a dark room, but later he asked for some guitar music, so we had a nice relaxed evening. He is also an extremely good musician, playing in a tradition eastern style and he also owns lots of traditional eastern instruments. I would have loved to listen to him much more.
my sushi

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