Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Antwerp, 7th to 9th August. After I met Bart yesterday we went to a music event. Right now everywhere in Antwerp is celebrating, because it's Zomer van Antwerpen and therefore there are sunflowers everywhere. I love sunflowers. :-)

Bart hadn't to work on Monday to be able to regenerate from weekends festival experiences. Monday evening he volunteered at an event of Zomer van Antwerpen (because of all this volunteering most of the events are for free). Meanwhile I worked on my blog. Earlier this day he showed me around (but it wasn't that good as my first unforgettable impressions together with Wim).

Bart is very experienced to couchsurfing, he opened all his flat to me, being much tolerant in any way (I spend very much time at his computer. Thank you again, Bart). He demonstrated absolutely no suspiciousness, I hope I was able to show I earn so much trust. I don't think he cares about any risk and surely has a good gut instinct. Bart is very companionable and very active in organizing stuff, especially for the couchsurfing community. He cares about economy and was very helpful (so I was able to wash once again). I regret we didn't have private talking. I'm not sure he was somehow interested in me and my personality.

Bart is a big beer fan. Finally I could upload the Schlenkerla Rauchbier from Bamberg (and also two printed T-shirts I had made for my dear couchsurfer Tomas, who was also hosted by Bart shortly before. Bart will send the shirts and some Belgium beer to Tomas). Now I'm eventually able to put my rucksack in one of my paniers.

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