Tuesday, August 2, 2011

First day, first host

Tuesday, 2nd of August.I started in Bamberg on 1th August at 12 o'clock. It had went that late because I still have had to complete some stuff – and shortly after I broke open I remembered that I had forgotten to fetch some important orders from the chemist's shop, so I had to turn back. The weather was fine, the cycling, too. Up to Schweinfurt I took the Main river route I also had cycled some weeks before. After 20 kilometres an over 60 year old man joint me. He was curious about my guitar packed on the bicycle, so I had some company to talk to. He had dropped in to Bamberg for lunch and was now on his way back – altogether about 130 kilometres!

In Schweinfurt – after 65 kilometres of cycling – I lost my way several times – bad signposting in a heavy traffic area. Shortly after cycling went very hard – every climb was a challenge and I really slowed down. Once I had to take a break, and when I felt to be able to go on a nice bicyclist came away, asked if he could help and showed me a short cut… he even escorted me!

Time went on, I supposed to arrive at Uwe's place – my first couchsurfing host who expected me in Wartmannsroth – much earlier. After all I called Uwe when finishing 100 kilometres, but still owning 15 kilometres, and he picked me up in Euerdorf.
I was the first couchsurfer of Uwe and his wife Gerlinde, as they live in a very small village in the middle of nowhere. They gave me such a great welcome, were so much courteous! It felt like home to me, like being part of the family – a remote relative, which wasn't seen for a longer time. They were very much helpful and offered much more as one can expect from a dear host.

We spend a very nice evening, ate together (Uwe is a great cook, trained as cook a long time ago). We had nice talks about several topics – their family life (they have a 16 year old son), profession, music (I played some guitar), table top games, travelling experiences and living in other countries where we had been – and life in general. It was very relaxed and cosy.
Today's route goes from Wartmannsroth up to Hüttenberg. Google said it should be 115 kilometres, but it will be much more, as I now know Google thought about yesterday's route it should be less then 100 kilometres… So probably I will take some distance by train.

Today the sun is shining, too, and I have some sunburn from yesterday.

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