Friday, August 26, 2011

Lovely Llangadog

Llangadog, Wales. 22th–24th of August. One day to rest. Get an impression of Walsh people. No diffidence at all. Everything works fine.

During the first night I had an interesting talk with Jane about couchsurfing experiences, especially not so good experiences (which are seldom but do happen). I never had a bad experience (at most weird, non-personal requests), but Jane has had and we talked about how to act with these things and their relation to different (said and unsaid) expectations. Jane didn't wrote negative or even neutral references, in this case she didn't wrote a reference at all, so we talked about the reasons and if it's good to act like this – a negative or a neutral reference doesn't mean the other one is a bad person or I want to inflict damage on somebody. Just try to be fair and tell what didn't work, so others are able to get an own idea of something respectively someone. (Meanwhile I had another talk about this topic, and the other person also decided better not to write a reference then a neutral or negative reference – if you can't say anything positive about someone better say nothing. But this doesn't help the community.)

Jane is an interesting, open woman, also somehow weird in a positive sense – easygoing and gridlocked at the same time… ;-) She is very kind and always willing to open her heart and soul. It's very easy to deal with her if you are generally interested in other people's life and character. It's worth it to spar with her.

I spent a very relaxed day together with her, having some walks through the lovely landscape. I also made friendship with her cat and dogs, especially "Fraggle Dog". Thanks for some time to rest without caring about past or future.


  1. I think it a british thing, we dont like to offend people, so often, saying nothing is better than saying something hurtful.

  2. Yeah, but the art is, to be honest but not hurtful.