Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The remaining stages in Ireland

Wednesday, 14th of September. I feel good again, the weather is much better, and I'm looking forward to cycle again tomorrow, but nevertheless now it's with the feeling of being on my way back home (what seems to be weird if I have a look on the map, but probably make sense if you have all the cycling in mind what I did since I left Bamberg). For nearly all stages I know my couchsurfing hosts right now, what also gives me a good feeling. I will not put more effort in the search, one will see how it works, hostels are okay, too – but I love to look forward to meet other couchsurfers.

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Once again this map shows the closest Google maps allows me to create…


  1. It is lovely to read of your experience in Ireland , the sad, the bad and the glad! I am Peg whom you met in Glin library, Co. Limerick. Do not give up! There are good days and bad days everywhere - the same with people.:)

  2. That's so lovely that you actually read my blog and I'm very glad you like it. :-) Greetings and all the best!