Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Notes about everyday live in Ireland

Saturday, 3rd of September. Sometimes I'm crossing towns that are signed as Fair Trade Town. I was curious what this could be. Does all the shops only offer fair trade products?
But no. Being a Fair Trade Town just means the town must meet these five criteria (taken from Wikipedia):
  • Local council passes a resolution supporting Fairtrade, and agrees to serve Fairtrade tea and coffee at its meetings and in its offices and canteens.
  • A range of (at least two) Fairtrade products is readily available in the area’s shops and local caf├ęs/catering establishments.
  • Fairtrade products are used by a number of local work places (estate agents, hairdressers etc) and community organisations (churches, schools etc)
  • Attract media coverage and popular support for the campaign.
  • A local Fairtrade steering group is convened to ensure continued commitment to its Fairtrade Town status.
Several towns in Ireland are Fair Trade Towns. Although it's surely mostly about PR. – At least it's a start.

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