Tuesday, September 20, 2011

General thoughts about the package

Tuesday, 20th of September. I'm pretty contended with the lot and the things I have packed. I have met several people who had said I have pretty much stuff with me and if it's very heavy (it isn't). Melanie was the first one, who was fascinated how few things I have with me – she isn't a cyclist and much more used to travelling with a van, but it's good to hear something like this, too. I needed some time to realize she didn't meant her statement ironical… To me it felt all the time like not to much and not to little. So here for the statistics:

Bicycle clothes

3 cycling shirts
1 good, 2 normal. One of them is really for emergency and for the good feeling to have some clean stuff as a backup. I never had more than two of them in usage, but some days where I would have needed the third one if there wouldn't have been a washing machine. (I don't mind of the clothes are dirty, but I don't like to smell…)
1 long sleeved compression sports underwear shirt
Best I've ever had. And although the sellers named it underwear it is pretty good to wear as a normal long sleeved shirt.
2 padded knee length cycling shorts, 2 long sports tights
Since the weather is so cold I wear the shorts and the tights on top of each other (I have also 1 padded pants, that was great in August, but now are the cycling shorts better). It's perfect to have two pairs for changing…
1 pair of cycling gloves
It was new when I started the tour. Now it's pretty used and close to get broken, maybe I need some new ones soon. Sometimes I also would like to have a pair of cycling gloves were the fingers are protected, too. But at the moment the mitten addition connected to my rain coat works good enough.
1 cap
Perfect as sun protection, also good to keep the head warm. And it fits perfect together with the rain cap of my rain coat. I don't like that much how I look, but this shouldn't matter.
1 functional bandanna
Best to have to protect the neck from the wind.
1 cycling sun glasses
It was much more important when it was warm and sunny, but now I know how useful these sun glasses can be (although I don't like how I look when wearing them).
1 pair of rain pants
Needless to say more.
1 pair of gaiters
Most important, best one can have (especially if only one pair of shoes is packed…).
1 rain coat
Very light and works also perfect as a windbreaker.
1 warm jacket
Becomes more and more useful and works on the bike as good as after cycling.

Other clothes

around 5 pants
I don't have an overview, because when I need one I grab into my bag and until now I found more than enough.
around 5 pairs of socks
Same as with the pants. But I think much more often it could be too little, especially as I have warm and not so warm socks…
3 bras
Need all but never needed more.
2 pairs of footed socks
Good to have with me. Wore the thinner pair when it was warmer, now I use the other pair.
1 pair of jeans, 1 pair or thin trousers
First to wear outside, second to wear inside. Get dirty sometimes, but who cares? If both were laundered at the same time, I can still use one of the tights, and the trousers dry very fast.
4 3 t-shirts
2 for usual wearing, one mostly for nights, the 1 to much I was glad to give to Melanie as a present to say thanks for the shelter she gave me – so in this sense the shirt was definitely worth it to take with me.
1 long sleeved cord shirt
I love it.
1 cord bonnet
I love it.
1 long sleeved shirt
As an alternative to the cord bonnet, also able to wear over it (but if it's cold I usually choose the warm jacket).
1 pair of shoes
Works fine, they went wet one time, but went dry again over night with some newspapers inside.
1 warm tuque
I use it as a sleepyhead when it's cold around me.
3 neckerchiefs
1 I use nearly all the time when I'm not on the bike, 1 to protect Hobbes from falling down and get lost (what's totally dispensable, Hobbes says), 1 big one I don't need.
1 swimming suit, goggles
Useless. But you never know…


1 wash bag
Full of useful things, some of them I never use.
Most of them against headache, but fortunately I need them extremely seldom. Most important: magnesium. Also some emergency stuff if I get wounded. Things like this. Didn't miss anything.
1 sketchbook
Works also (or mostly) as a diary, notebook and collection of paper stuff.
1 pencil case
Full of fine liners and felt pens in different colours, some small brushes and pencils – just what one needs.
1 map with paper stuff what accrued
Good to have a place where collect those stuff, but I thought more than once about sending this map with its content back home. Otherwise it was good to show some of the papers to other people and talk about it…
1 little map with songs
My general orientation when playing the guitar. Very useful if I don't know what to play. When I started my tour I had also my big Beatles songbook with me, but this was some weight I had to get rid off.
1 western guitar
It was the right decision to take it with me, that's for sure. It's good to be able to play, and it's also an effective eye catcher when people see me crossing with the guitar on top of my package…
1 electronic tuner, 1 capo
Very useful when one's travelling with a guitar.
1 digital photo camera
Useful and important tool.
1 torch
I feel much more relaxed since I bought it.
some (rechargeable and non-rechargeable) batteries
Had to buy the non-rechargeable batteries when I bought the torch, but it's also good to have a backup if the rechargeable ones are empty.
3 small, 2 tiny juggling balls
I don't really use them, but otherwise they don't bother. And it's not wrong to have some more options – and I remember some great nights where I and my hosts had some fun with them.
1 glue stick
Really needful thing.
adhesive film
Really needful thing. I need it a lot to repair the map… Tape in general is very useful.
1 loo paper
Really needful thing, although I didn't needed it urgently on this tour.
some bicycle tools
Needless to say, really needful things. I missed some small things but nothing important.
1 mp3 player/USB stick
Includes some of my music which is good to be able to listen and also good to share. And it has enough space that I can use it to secure copy the photos I'm taking.
1 map of Ireland
Really needful thing. I think I will buy a map of France, too.
1 sleeping bag
Really needful thing.
1 sleeping mat
Really needful thing.
1 rucksack
It's usually packed inside one of my panniers. Very handy to have something to carry things with me which is independent from the bike.
2 panniers
That's where most of the stuff is packed in.
1 bumbag
I use it for many years as a handlebar bag, it includes all the stuff I want to reach while cycling and it has written on it “Never give up”.
1 stuffed tiger
One needs a friend on such a trip.
some more little things that are not important or big enough to be counted
Little plastic bags for example are very useful, so I collect them. Same with rubber band and tissues.


  1. Dein Blog zu lesen macht Freude und ein wenig Fernweh :-) Gute Reise weiterhin. lg Siegfried

    adhesive film
    really needful thing. I need it a lot to repair the map… Tape in general is very useful/dd>

    Da ist ein Steuerzeichen sichtbar.