Sunday, September 4, 2011

Crossroad Music Session

Saturday, 3rd of September. Sitting in a circle with lots of other musicians playing traditional Irish instruments like fiddles, accordions, whistles, drums and other rhythm instruments… I haven't been into something like this ever before. Wow. Stunning. Sometimes all the people play together, sometimes just one person offers a song and maybe some others get in. First I was to shy to join the other musicians, but later I took part. I played Hannes Wader's famous German folk song Heute hier morgen dort with lots of temporarily forgotten lines – but who cares? The applause was an amazing welcome into the group. And then I was able to join the others. Later some people did traditional dances. I love these easy dances, so full of movement, rhythm and drive, and even the ten year old can do them. When I played Hymn by Barcley James Harvest one of the guys shouted that I definitely have to be a German, because Barclay James Harvest was only well known in the part of England, where he came from, and extremely famous in Germany. Also interesting – to be indicated as a German by playing English songs…

Ireland opens my heart, opens my mind, opens my soul. It's not competition, it's just showing your skills to take part, to share. Lebensfreude.
This journey isn't about collecting experiences, it's about freedom.

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